About us

We are an employment agency abroad with an 18450 certificate, based in Częstochowa.

As a Job Placement, we have been helping our compatriots 

in finding a suitable job abroad for several years.

What distinguishes us is the quality, staff experience, professionalism,
flexibility in operation as well as fast and comprehensive service. 

Our success is based on the satisfaction of clients and
candidates traveling through our agency to work.

The offers we have are diverse and directed to practically everyone.

Together, we form the Klaver Team!


  • WORK

    We are looking for candidates willing to work in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

    We have job offers without experience, without knowledge of a foreign language, in

    production, in greenhouses, in warehouses, as well as directed to qualified specialists in a

    given profession. Are you looking for a job abroad?

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    Thinking about our jobseekers and those already preparing for departure, 
    we have prepared the "EMPLOYEE" tab, which we will create together with you. 
    You ask, we answer!
    We want to not only dispel your doubts about the trip, 
    but also to best inform you about what you need to be prepared for after leaving, 
    where you will live, what to take on the trip, which you should not forget when to settle accounts ...
    Awareness is the basis for a safe trip! Do you have any questions?
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